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What People Say About us?

We are reaping the rewards of your hard work here every day. It’ so funny, so many people are giving out about still having to light a fire and burning oil, where is the summer blah blah but we are delightedly warm here. We have stopped telling people that we don't have the heat on etc as its clear some people just need to moan and they don't know what to talk about if they can't! The silence becomes uncomfortable as you see the cogs turning to "what sort of people are ye - no heat! Couldn't be right!!" An unanticipated side effect of low energy design in Ireland!!


Both of us would like to thank you for your all your work, persistence and professional support on this project which has turned out very well in the end. We are definitely enjoying the space, light and connection to the garden it has added which were the objective of the project from the outset

Ger and Lisa

We would like to thank and commend you for your diligence, effort and professionalism throughout the project.”

David and Louise


Passive House Magazine Publications

Ballyweelin in Rosses Point, Sligo

St Bricin’s Park, Arbour Hill, Dublin