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Thermal Bridge Modelling

Thermal Bridge Assessment - FAQ-2019


Increased levels of insulation have put more emphasis on the building fabric junctions, where there is a change in direction in plan or section, a change in material or thickness and where different components join to make up what is called the building envelope that protects and keeps you comfortable in your home regardless of the external environment. These junctions can be analysed using computer thermal modelling techniques for both Building Regulation compliance and Passive House.

Thermal Bridge losses can account for 25% of the fabric heat wasted in a highly insulated dwelling so getting them right can have huge benefits. Low Energy Design have third level Diploma level course training in the first programme of its kind worldwide and offer thermal bridge modelling to improve your BER, compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations or demonstrating accurate psi values for Passive House Design.

James Walsh has been accepted for the NSAI Approved Thermal Modellers Scheme competent to thermally model junction details and calculate their linear thermal transmittance as allowed for in Part L of the Building Regulations and as part of Y factor calculations entered into DEAP for Building Energy Ratings.

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